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Meet Jessie...

Photographer + Videographer




Self Portraits







Where it all Began.....

At the age of ten, the camera quickly became an extension of my hands. From documenting my cat's antics to persuading my sister to act in my home movies, I turned everyday moments into mini-stories.


My passion seamlessly transitioned into my profession after graduating from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a Film and Video Production Diploma in 2020.


I initially started my career as a videographer, and then began my photography journey during the downtime of the pandemic. Now my passion for capturing moments is stronger than ever and and I find myself fully immersed in doing what I love on a full-time basis!

I Enjoy....

Line Dancing at a Country Bar

Hiking in the Canadian Rockies

Technical Theatre : I volunteer as an assistant stage manager

Earl Grey Tea!

Kitty Snuggles with my cat Suzie

Travelling : Utah, Mexico + Tofino are my favourite trips so far!

My Family <3

 Fun Fact: I've worn the hat of a Camera Trainee on various film sets, including a reality TV show.


Because life is short and memories are precious


Because I am an artist 


Because I love celebrating special moments (and we don't celebrate enough)


Because the people in my life will not be here forever 

Because I love capturing people (both candidly and posed)


Because I want to transport people back in time with a single image 

Why I am Photographer + Videographer:

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