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Content Creation

The social media solution for business owners

You did not start your business to become a full time content creator

The Solution?

The Content Creation Package!

Meticulously designed for entrepreneurs who find themselves juggling:

  • running their business

  • and crafting compelling social media content

...Even if you manage to find the time, your content is not turning out as professional or polished as you would like – after all, not everyone is a photo/video expert.


That's where I step in...


It's Me, Jessie

Bringing over 5 years of hands-on experience in both photography and videography, paired with a formal diploma in Film And Video Production, I am dedicated to elevating your business's online presence. 


This package is your solution to cultivating trust and authority on social media through top-notch content. While you excel in your business expertise, I specialize in the art of visual storytelling. Together, we could form the perfect combo.


But my commitment doesn't end there...


Drawing from my background as a social media manager and the insights gained from my mentors in my own social media journey, I offer strategic guidance. Prior to each content session, we'll brainstorm ideas and align our efforts with your business goals.


Packages come with b-roll clips/photos too!



What can the photos and B-Roll clips be of?

The photos can feature you or the services your business offers. Despite the rise in video content, photos remain valuable assets for social media. They serve well as reel covers or carousel posts.

The B-Roll clips, showcasing you or your business services, are readily available clips that can be directly uploaded to your phone. With these high-quality clips, you can create engaging reels in a matter of minutes.

Are there options for filming location?

If your business doesn't have an office space or if filming at your home isn't an option, I can assist you in renting a studio. Durning our consultation we can explore options and determine the cost involved. 

We'll strive to find a location that aligns with the messaging and ambience of your business.

Are You In?

If you're ready to bid farewell to content creation headaches, let's schedule a consultation!! Together, we can elevate your brand to new heights.

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