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Should you keep the raw footage from your Wedding Day?

Updated: Apr 25

When your wedding celebration is over, one decision you may encounter is whether to obtain the raw footage from your wedding videographer. Raw footage consists of unedited, unprocessed video clips that were captured throughout your wedding day. While the idea of having all the unfiltered moments may seem tempting, it's essential to consider whether it's the right choice for you. In this post, I’lll help you decide if you should get the raw footage from your wedding videographer.

What is raw footage?

Raw footage is the unedited and unprocessed video footage taken by your videographer. It includes everything they've recorded during the day, from the ceremony and speeches to candid moments and behind-the-scenes clips.

Reasons to Consider Keeping the Raw Footage:

1. Complete Record: Raw footage provides a comprehensive record of your wedding day, capturing every moment, no matter how small or fleeting.

2. Behind-the-Scenes: It includes candid moments, pre-ceremony preparations, and interactions with your bridal party and guests that may not be included in the final edited video.

3. Sentimental Value: Some couples find raw footage to be a sentimental keepsake, a treasure trove of unfiltered emotions, and memories.

Reasons to Consider Skipping the Raw Footage:

1. Professional Editing: Wedding videographers are skilled at curating and editing footage to create a cinematic and coherent story. Raw footage can be disjointed and less visually appealing.

2. Time and Effort: Editing raw footage is a time-consuming and a technically challenging task. If you're not experienced, it may be more frustrating than fun.

3. Storage and Technical Constraints: Raw footage takes up a significant amount of storage space (and can require certain computer specs to even watch.) Ensure you have the necessary storage capacity to accommodate it.

4. Privacy Concerns: The raw footage may include private or unflattering moments that you'd rather not rewatch.

Tips for Making Your Decision:

1. Discuss with Your Videographer: Before making a decision, consult your videographer. They can provide insights on the content and quality of the raw footage.

2. Think About Your Future Plans: Consider whether you have future plans for the raw footage, such as creating your own edits or preserving it as a keepsake.

3. Storage Capacity: Ensure you have enough storage capacity and computer specs to store the raw footage, as video files can be quite large.

4. Trust Your Videographer: If you've chosen a reputable wedding videographer, trust their professional judgement in editing and curating your wedding video. They are skilled in creating a beautiful narrative.

In the end, the decision to keep or skip the raw footage should be based on your preferences, technical capabilities, and creative goals. Some couples find immense value in having the unedited moments, while others prefer the polished, cinematic final video. Whichever path you choose, remember that your wedding videographer is there to capture and preserve your special day in the way that best suits your vision and desires.

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